Apex Dynamics presents a fully automatic smart lubrication system to automate manual (or absence of lubrication) for moving parts. Customers increase their productivity because there is less risk of components running dry, resulting in expensive downtime and repair. In addition, the system is more environmentally friendly, safer and more efficient. The pump can be used […]

Apex Dynamics is expanding its series planetary gearboxes with the types of AH and AHK: a Heavy Duty flange gearbox with a backlash of less than 1 arcminute, ratios up to 10,000: 1 and nominal torques up to approx. 11,000 Nm. The series AH (coaxial) and AHK (with hypoid stage) is completely new developed with […]

Apex Dynamics started with the delivery of Rack and Pinion from out of stock. Production is established in an ultramodern new facility with a production surface of 20.000 m2. A huge investment in new machines and logistical systems enable to deliver this complete new product range of Rack and Pinions, including Gearbox from one hand.

Apex Dynamics INC. , con oltre trent’anni di esperienza, è leader mondiale nella produzione di riduttori epicicloidali a gioco ridotto, rinvii angolari, cremagliere e pignoni di elevata qualità. La sua grande capacità di innovazione tecnica ed il costante orientamento a fornire il più alto livello di servizio ai suoi clienti, hanno portato Apex Dynamics Inc. a ricoprire una posizione di rilievo nel settore della trasmissione di potenza.

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